Terminator: Birth of Skynet is a science-fiction action story created by Nicky Haugh.


The story focuses on a post-apocalypse war between the Human Resistance, led by John Connor, and Skynet, an artificial general intelligence that seeks to destroy humanity. As the conflict wages on, John sends a T-800 back in time to protect his younger-self while a T-1000 is sent by Skynet to kill him.


In 2030, John Connor is leading the Human Resistance to war against Skynet, an artificial general intelligence that seeks to eliminate the human race. As the Resistance emerges victorious, Skynet sends a T-1000 back in time to kill John's younger-self, who is currently living with his mother Sarah Connor and her fiancé Kyle Reese in London. In response, the future John Connor has sent a reprogramed T-800, designated as The Terminator to protect the younger version of himself.

The Terminator and the T-1000 converge on John in a Shopping Centre where he is dating with his girlfriend, Kate Brewster. After witnessing a brief fight between the two, John puzzles the situation and escapes with the Terminator on a motorcycle.




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