Project Ambition is a fictitious philosophical cult established by Nicky Haugh (NHaugh).


Prior to the events of the story, Nicky resided in London where he had joined Childs Hill and became successful during his early life. But, by the time Keagen Cole joined and rephrased Nicky's reputation for his own matters, Nicky felt betrayed by his boss Alex Scott and left the community out of disgrace.


Since then, Nicky began to express his views that God is antagonistic to humanity and eternal life. Eventually, Nicky decided to change this matter and formed Project Ambition to launch a conversion on the world that'll result in humanity criticizing God and pledging their faiths to "ambition" instead.

To do this, Nicky secretly met with various head of states and powerful individuals around the world and used his philanthropy to easily persuaded them into joining his philosophy. As a result, Nicky has induced several statesmen; listing the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Pope Francis, and unlimited others, into converting. Since then, Nicky has been controlling the world for his masterminded project by manipulating every country into isolating God and viewing "ambition" as the "Parent of God" who created God before everything else existed.





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