The NHHAUGHERS Syndicate is a crime trafficking syndicate which was founded by self-made criminal mastermind Nicholas Hough, who built the organization into becoming the biggest crime syndicate of Londonshire which furthermore made him the notorious kingpin of the criminal underworld.


The NHHAUGHERS Syndicate is a crime trafficking operation that was a collective outfit dealing with drugs, primarily cocaine and heroin. Simultaneously, Nicholas wants to expand the gun trade by shipping firearms to several criminal warlords around the globe; such as Mexican drug cartels and Chinese gang lords. Nicholas is also responsible for orchestrating professional heists with himself and some of his associates raiding banks. On some occasions though, he often raids prisons and induces some prisoners into joining his heist operation.

Events of LibertyEdit

Throughout the first part of Liberty, Nicholas' criminal efforts to consolidate over various Black Markets in Londonshire see him waging war against a number of crime syndicates and government-sponsored mercenaries. During this time, the established drug empires of Londonshire soon begins to crumble quickly, which allows Nicholas to personally take over the black market operation. In the process, this allows Nicholas to create the NHHAUGHERS Syndicate as his own organization.


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